It is the last week of our free 4-week Cacao Challenge where we’ve been sharing ritual inspiration for awakening personal power.

If you missed the newsletters, no worries! You can read each week’s challenges on our blog.

As we close this way of getting to know ourselves and a new way of working with cacao, we’d love to know how this challenge has been going for you! You can let us know by reaching out to us at 

Now let’s get into this last week’s Cacao Challenge.

Recommended Cacao

We recommend Oaxacan Spice or Vibrant Vitality for the month of August to bring in the energies of fire, passion, and vibrancy!

If you love a bit of heat, go for Oaxacan Spice; if you’re looking for nervous system regulation with stamina support, Vibrant Vitality can be a great ally.

Awaken Your Inner Power With Ceremonial Cacao

Week 4: Commitment & Integration

If you want to bring this practice into your cacao ritual or day but haven’t been following the Cacao Challenge, you can do the guided visualization from last week’s day 3 and then move on to the suggested prompts for this week.

Each day this week, we encourage you to continue your commitment to your daily personal empowerment ritual and affirmations. At the beginning of this week, look back at your future-self reflections that you wrote in your journal.

Notice, do you have any new insights or details you’d like to add to your future empowered-self vision?

Take a piece of paper, and write out your future vision once more, continuing to refine it. Your job this week is to read it every day as you sip on your cacao.

Then, each day this week, celebrate your new sense of self-awareness. Celebrate that today, you are clearer on the vision for yourself and what makes you feel empowered. Be sure to infuse your empowerment ritual with your new affirmations.

To integrate the experience of this cacao challenge, we invite you to reflect on and write answers to the following prompts:

  • How will you commit to your future self and the journey ahead?
  • What tools do you have that can help you stay inspired?
  • How will you continue to nurture your personal power?
  • Write a letter of commitment to yourself.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us! We hope you’ve enjoyed it and would love your feedback.

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